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the Assessment Process       mdt path

Multidisciplinary assessment for childhood developmental disorders and delays ensures a comprehensive look at how to move your child on to the next stage.  Speech and Language professionals work with your child in the area of communication Occupational Therapists address sensory processing and functional goals.  Psychologists determine cognitive function and diagnosis to ensure the best possible interventions are put in place going forward…

Full SLT Battery – To determine full expressive and receptive language function and other communication behaviour needs and goals

Full OT Battery – To determine full adaptive and sensory needs function and goals

Cognitive Profile including FSIQ ABIQ VIQ NVIQ – To give an overall picture of educational levels needs and goals for interventions and resources

ADOS Observational Assessment / ADI-R Parent Carer Report/ Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Report – To assist in diagnosis intervention and planning

Single Discipline Assessments – can also give insight depending on the child’s area of needs and goals

The Report

The report is what comes out of the assessment process.  This document is a very comprehensive view of everything that was discovered through the assessment process and the diagnostic tools and instruments used.  The report gives detailed guidelines to schools and other professionals in order to serve your child’s needs, allocate services and show what allowances, grants or benefits you are entitled to.

Speech Delays  Play Behaviours  Habits & Compulsions  Assessment Rates

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