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Parents Concerns – Habits & Compulsions     ocd 1

What if my child has odd habits and compulsions?

If you notice your child has odd habits or behaviours such as hand flapping, tiptoe walking or odd expressions, ticks or twitches you need to keep an eye on these behaviours.  If they have a way of doing things in order and get upset if you disrupt the order or sequence this too needs to have a closer look.  Such issues could be related to Sensory Issues, Autism, ASD, Tourrette’s Syndrome, Anxiety or a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).ocd 3

Investigate if behaviours or compulsive habits persist beyond a month

You need to get these investigated if they persist for more than a month. On their own it may mean very little or it may be a way your child has of coping with certain situations, but it is best to check it out in case it may be related to something that can be treated so they can get relief.

We are always happy to chat to parents and often there are no grounds to take it further but it’s good to have that reassurance all the same

Speech Delays  Play Behaviours  Habits & Compulsions  Assessment Rates

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