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Rates & Costs

Single Discipline Assessments   Rates & Costs

Clinical Psychology Screening                                                                     85

(to determine if there are any needs going forward)

Ed Psych – Educational Psychology Assessment and Report             350

(full cognitive profile with FSIQ ABIQ VIQ NVIQ)

Clin Psych – Clinical Psychology Assessment and Report                   575


Clin Psych Review – Clinical Psychology Review                                   475

(review of functioning with current diagnosis/provision)

OT – Occupational Therapy Assessment & Report                               350

(Full OT Battery)

SLT – Speech and Language Therapy assessment and Report          350

(Full SLT Battery)


Multi-Disciplinary Assessments   Rates & Costs

OT & SLT Assessment & Report (Full OT & SLT Battery)                      650  

Clin & Ed Psych Assessment & Report                                                          675  

(ADOS ADI-R VINELAND ADAPTIVE full cognitive profile                                                                                                           

Multidisciplinary Team Assessment  – MDT                                        1250

(including OT SLT Clin and Ed Psych

ADI-R / ADOS / Cognitive / Vineland Adaptive / OT / SLT)


For Professionals (3 clients or more)  Rates & Costs

AON – including OT SLT and Clin Psych Evaluation                      950

Following on from the AON

MDT – including OT SLT Ed and Clin Psych                                       850

(ADI-R / ADOS / Cognitive / Vineland Adaptive / OT / SLT)

Speech Delays  Play Behaviours  Habits & Compulsions  Assessment Rates

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